Go through Complete Translations with Google Translate

When you want to search for any information, product or service online, the very first page you might open to meet your searches is Google. There are many people round the globe, who prefer Google as their main search tool. This gave Google top position in the list of search engines. Starting out as just a search engine, Google has continuously adapted to the market and vigorously added new features and services under the Google umbrella. These have attracted the attention of online users. They now offer a multitude of services to help users and make their lives simpler. Services like Google Docs, Image Search, Maps, etc. have increased the productivity of the user by a substantial margin. One of the more essential products that have helped increase user productivity is Google Translate.

You must be aware of the fact that there are innumerable languages in the world used by people according to region, religion, etc. With the advancement of internet, the world has become a smaller place forcing you to interact with people from various corners of the world. This gave Google translate a very important role in online social, as well as professional interaction. Google Translate is a translation service that offers to its users the ability to translate any given text from one language to another, with acceptable accuracy.




As you browse the internet, you will find various other sites providing similar services that give the user the ability to translate texts they may have. These services lack various features that reduced their popularity amongst users. Not many services offer access to a wide range of languages. This limits the languages that a user could translate from and to. This disappointed some users and made it difficult for others to get the job done. Secondly, and vitally, the accuracy of the translation in many services was dubitable. Google’s translate however has had better than average success with its understandable translation feature.

Google translate also has a very large selection of languages to choose from. This allowed people to have their work done quickly and easily through a singular service. Like most of the free Google services, translation is free as well. Another important feature that comes handy with Google translate is its Auto-detect language feature. This allows you to type a word that has correct meaning in another language, its auto detect feature will automatically analyze it, and use the appropriate language to base its translation of the text. Most people are unfamiliar about the language of the text they are translating. Sometimes they dont know, you just paste the information, you want translated and it detects it automatically.

Google translate has emerged as a very useful tool for everybody from a school student to professionals working at big organizations. Using Google translation for translating languages is fun. It gives you a wide scope of languages and translating into terms that you want to know. You will find special Google translate mobile application for modern android mobile phones. So, you can translate anything anytime you need. The site is accessible online for free and provides a lot more information to users.

 Go through Complete Translations with Google Translate


When you needto find any info, products or servicesweb based, the primary article you would possibly exposed to get together your search queries is Yahoo. There are severalpeoplearound theplanet, who preferYahoosince theirforemosthuntinstrument. This provided Bing finest standing in your variety of yahoo and google. Beginning as just an internet search engine, Google and bing has continuallymodifiedwith thecurrent market and intenselyapplied new services and features inside of theSearch engines like google umbrella. These have enticedthe eye of internet surfers. They now supplya variety ofproducts and servicesfor helping buyers and produce their lives easier. Products like Yahoo and google Docs, Photograph Look for, Maps, and many more. have increased the work productivity of the end user because of a significant margin. One of the more imperative things that have really help edrise customer efficiency is Yahoo and google Convert.

You must be aware of the fact that there are innumerable languages in the world used by people according toregion and religion, etc.Together with the continuing development of world wide web, the entire world has developed into at inier are a making people to interact with individuals from diverse corners of the world. This presented Google translate a keytask in on the internet public, and evens killed interaction. Bing Convert is a interpretation provider that offers to its buyers the chance to convert any textual content in one words completely to another, with suitablecorrectness.

You will find various other sites providing similar services that give the user the ability to translate texts they may have, as you browse the internet.These types of service slack varied options that reduced their appeal among owners. Not manyexpert servicesdeliverhaving access tomanydifferent languages. This limits the languagesthat anybuyer could convert from in order to. This disillusionedquite a few users and managed to make itchallenging forother types to do the job. Subsequently, and vitally, the accuracybelonging to thetranslationin lot ofexpert services was dubitable. Googles convertthen againhas hada lot better thanaveragegood resultsbecause of itssimple to comprehend interpretation offer.

Search engines like googletranslateeven offeran extremely huge number of languagesto choose from. This helped folks to get their give good results achieved easily and quickly through the singular solution. Like much of thefree of cost Search engines like Google products, language translation  is provided for free additionally. Another importanthavewhich comesnifty with Google translate is its Auto-diagnosedialectattribute. This enables you to category a word containing proper which means in yet another terms, its vehiclepick up onfeature will effortlessly research it, and utilizethe bestforeign language to basic its translationwith thewording. So many people are unfamiliar with regards to the terminology from the written text they happen to be translating. Frequently they dont know, you just mixture the data, you prefer translated but it detects it instantly.

Google Translate convert has come about being a very helpful program for all from your school pupil to specialistsperforming at consider able organizations. Utilizing Google interpretation for convertingdialects is wonderful. It providesa vastrange of languages and converting into conditions you want to learn. You can find particular Google convert cell phone app for modern-day android osmobile devices. So, you can translate anything anytime you need.The locationis availableon line100 % free and offers even more important information to individuals.




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Website Localization – A new mantra in Global communication

Internet has broken the barriers of geographical boundaries.

Many companies big or small are now able to reach across the globe to serve international market online. Translation  plays an essential part in international markets, as different countries speak different languages. In countries like Germany, France, China, and Japan and in many other countries, English is not the native language for majority of the population.


website translation


Website in English language is losing share of viewership

Internet Users
by Language
by Language
in Internet
(2000 – 2011)
Internet Users
% of Total
English 565,004,126 43.4 % 301.4 % 26.8 %
Chinese 509,965,013 37.2 % 1,478.7 % 24.2 %
Spanish 164,968,742 39.0 % 807.4 % 7.8 %
Japanese 99,182,000 78.4 % 110.7 % 4.7 %
Portuguese 82,586,600 32.5 % 990.1 % 3.9 %
German 75,422,674 79.5 % 174.1 % 3.6 %
Arabic 65,365,400 18.8 % 2,501.2 % 3.3 %
French 59,779,525 17.2 % 398.2 % 3.0 %
Russian 59,700,000 42.8 % 1,825.8 % 3.0 %
Korean 39,440,000 55.2 % 107.1 % 2.0 %
TOP 10 LANGUAGES 1,615,957,333 36.4 % 421.2 % 82.2 %
Rest of the Languages 350,557,483 14.6 % 588.5 % 17.8 %
WORLD TOTAL 2,099,926,965 30.3 % 481.7 % 100.0 %

Source: Internet World Stats. Top ten languages updated as on 31.5.2011

The share of Internet users by native speakers of English is coming down year on year from year 2011 due to growth of other language websites and increase in Internet users browsing their local language websites. The estimated share of Internet users by native English speakers, as a percentage of total internet users in the year 2013 is only 17%. What this means is that your website in English is going out of sight for large part of high growth developing markets.Do you want to be left out?

Empower your Website for global presence

 Research has indicated that there is a growing preference for web users to browse their local language websites for product and service information. They tend to stay twice as long in their local site as it speaks in their language and culturally connects with them.

Website Translation Strategy

You are certain to increase ROI, by translating relevant pages of your website in the language of the target market. One of the first steps is to study the traffic currently you get from your website. Even if 10% of the enquiry or sales conversion comes from a region where English is not the prevalent language, you are certain that translating the web content into the language of your target audience will boost sales.

Be market ready with Website Localization

The significance of translating a website for multiple cultures cannot be underestimated. Localize the web content so that the translated page speaks in customers’ language and culturally connects with them. Engage with professional native translators who understand the medium while translating and keyword translations are modified to attract traffic to your website due to better SEO.

Go International. Get your website translated for expanding your business in new potential and emerging markets.


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Localization for success in Export business

There is tremendous growth of international trade and everybody who is in the business of selling is able to find buyers and succeed due to internet explosion. There are no national boundaries for business and language barriers are broken due to professional translation service by native speakers with domain expertise. Large multinational companies have adopted multi lingual communication strategy that is localized and targeted at potential market. Website Localization, E-mail campaigns, Marketing Collateral’s, User Manuals, and Document translations are done in multiple languages for global presence. E-commerce and Internet has enabled international trade easier.


Software Localization

How even smaller companies can make an impact in international market?

Consumers are the same everywhere. They look for value for money they are spending. You have a great product and you are successful in your local market because you are able to serve the need of consumer and culturally connect with them by speaking their language. The trick for making an impact in International Market is planning your language needs by sharply focusing on potential market and Localizing the communication without deploying high cost multi media campaigns.

  1. Study the Market.

In current business, you may be getting orders from various sources, some of which could be through inquiries made from unknown territories through your website. A little research will show you that orders have come from markets where you are not present or have some presence due to distribution by your importer. The demand is met by local manufacturer and in comparison you seem to have an edge.

  1. Assess the Potential.

Even if 10% of sales have come from overseas market where you have not made any attempt, it means there is a great potential in such market if proper investment is made on website localization with linguistic SEO. Alternatively your own internal research and feedback from market will tell you market potential in countries where you are not present.

  1. Go for Language translation service

Communication being the first step to build awareness about your product and services, it is important to understand the prevalent language spoken in the country. English may be understood by most target groups. But it would not be the native language or the primary language or mother tongue. A list of native languages spoken in your priority market will tell you, your translation needs in such market. If your source content is German, you need translation services for translating your documents, business letters, proposals etc from German to English and one more language which could be largest native language like Hindi in India, or Arabic in the Middle East or French in France and so on.

Professional language service companies are equipped to suggest communication goals and the language priorities for targeting your potential market. Starting from your business cards, to introduction letters, promotional materials, email promotions, leaflets, brochures, price list, catalogues, user manuals and other event materials for exhibitions have to be translated in the language of target market.

Website Translation Service

English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic are the top ten languages by language spoken among world internet users as per study done by world internet stats. These languages cover 90% of world Internet users. Empower your website for global presence by multi lingual website translation in these languages or select the language as per your priority market.

Website Localization

Website Localization is all about making your website relevant to the user from linguistic and cultural point of view. Research have shown that people stay twice as long in their local language website compared to website in English for product and service information because they feel comfortable reading information in their own language and the feeling of closeness exists as the website localized in regional language speaks in customers language and culturally connects with them. In short, the website properly localized doesn’t look and feel as though it is foreign.

Localization is the first step for success in export business and in international trade. Your website is your interface with the customer. Take the first step forward by translation and localization of your website in multiple languages.

Shakti Enterprises is a dedicated, full-fledged, qualified, multi lingual language solution company, equipped to provide you with translation, typesetting, website and software localization services apart from other specialized services such as proof reading, transcription and interpretation.


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Guide for picking out Translation Assistance

A standard perception between many customers is they are paying off a lot more for interpretation offerings which deviates anywhere between 0 . 75  paise a word to 5.00 each message additionally, the price range are usually negotiated. Excessive fails to be sure premium.

At one time when I was confronted by the duty of selecting a Japanese translator for online site translation, my clientele established that they are aware of a person who has just accomplished a official document program in Japanese vocabulary and it is ready to take the project of converting the website from Language to Japanese at the nominal language translation worth of Rs1.00 for every word. I had to refuse the task, despite the fact that my company are certain to get the task relief cost. The reason for refusing is because, I am aware that the project of Website translation content in the desired language.

This is a traditional tips for opt for translation service plan.

Possibility 1: Give translation chore to a new good friend or general who occurs to studied and know the objective vocabulary.

The Benefit: Low-priced

Disadvantages: Discussing an international terms fails to are eligible an individual to develop into a translator. There will never be an operation, Superior Study, small chance to fully grasp localised misunderstanding and variations with the supplier phrase situation et cetera will be responsible for sub-standard.

Result: You will simply get just what you cover the cost of.

Preference 2: Give interpretation activity to any personnel who speaks your supply and also aim for vocabulary.

The Benefit: Practical knowledge in your topic administrator is really an advantage while he happens to be an in-property member of staff and has learned the subject really make a difference. Low-cost

Restriction: Reliability and quality cannot be reassured. Timelines can be haywire. Slipups will occur and the interpretation will surely have to resistant go through generating very often with comprehensive revision of translation task all afresh.

End Result: Unpleasant outcome that is established only soon after launch of the interpreted subject by which time harm is actually performed.

Selection 3: Providing the interpretation project to Importers or Overseas marketers or part workplaces.

The Advantage: The buying price of translation is possibly addressed as division office environment selling price or remedied included in total sales and profits handling fee. Duty is moved and no translation selling price for any online marketing collaterals by top of your head place of work.

Boundaries: No control over telecommunications in in other countries niche. No control over trade name principles, make of promoting activity, verbiage, trademark identity, linguistics assessments. If mandatories are followed, it is difficult to ensure.

Result: Total decentralisation is often a extensive chaos.

Approach 4: Web-based Product interpretation

The Advantage: No cost with humorous outcomes

Boundaries: You will definately get gist belonging to the situation which is certainly not useful for newsletter. Any time to redo computer language translation are often more than interpretation time for the whole doc.

Result: A lovely task which often comes to an end with confusing improvements and redoing the task everywhere on engaging our translation.

Method 4: Specific independent translator

The Advantage: Free building contractor focusing on particular foreign language are ideal for small mission and it is simple to coordinate immediately for these kinds of challenge. Quick turnaround efforts and more affordable possibility.

Boundaries: You will need to spend your time on work control and additional have a look at not alone translation top quality with one other pro but make it a point suitable tools of freelance freelance writers are earned. Independent translators might not have translation memory applications and DTP facility for processing. Freelance translators promise meeting all deadlines and if another projects come in the way, you don’t have control on his time.

Result: Beneficial for smaller a particular away endeavor. It usually is wise to have free-lance translators who may be taken and evaluated on Panel guaranteeing that critical little venture precisely where a variety of vocabulary regularity or strategies typically are not attached.

Method 4: Multiple language translation service provider

The Advantage: Stepping into a contract and partnering with each other ensures your entire world wide communication jobs are at an individual spot and there will localization time with translation. Your interpretation is as well as authentic for market

Boundaries: The task can not be skipped even for small to medium sized constructions. The standard adherence along with the project sychronisation methods are identical for small and big ventures.

Outcome: Suitable for multi lingual communication and campaigns with a universal degree. Larger resource and multi-marketing center is undoubtedly an benefit. Good quality, Consistency, deadline are very guaranteed and extremely usually value added expertise are really a bonus.

Shakti Enterprise can be described as maximum-fledged language translation system provider and engages with natural skilled professional transcription writers and  industry professionals to fulfill multiple lingual localization around print, web and audio.

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The risk of compromising translation quality for cost

“Hey, we need some documents translated. They are in English. We need them urgently translated in French and German. May be you have Google translate which can translate. Can you get it done by tomorrow?”

“We have done machine translation. Since we do not know French or German, we are not sure of the translation quality. Can you help in checking and editing where needed, with someone who knows French and German. Just charge us for the proof checking and editing.”

“We just have done website translation from English to Tamil to communicate our Debit Card services in Rural Tamil Nadu. But we find from customer feedback that the word ‘Card’ is translated to give the meaning of ‘Sheet’ as in cardboard sheet used for drawing. Now our website in Tamil has become a laughing stock.”

“Translations are costly, time consuming and one is not sure of the quality. So we will rather avoid translations unless absolutely essential.”

The above scenarios are common-as translation is always looked down upon as not an essential element of budgeting at the beginning of marketing activity or communication strategy.

Secret of getting high quality translation on time and on budget

  1. Define your needs

What is the purpose of translation?

Is the translation required for internal circulation or for external publication?

What is the word count of the document?

What is the subject matter?

What languages you need the document translated from and into?

Do you the language have regional variations like Spanish language for Mexico or Spanish for Spain; French for France or Canada etc.?

What formats are the original documents in?

What services other than translation you need?

What is the deadline?

What is the budget?


Answer to all above questions will enable selection of right translator. A concise and specific definition of your translation project will also help the translation provider to quote appropriately. For example consider the following brief:

An automobile manufacturing company with export market in Spain and Canada require translation of user manual from English to Spanish as spoken in Spain and French as spoken in Canada. 50,000 Words. 100 Graphics and captions. Source document in Microsoft Word as well as PDF of the manual along with illustrated file with fonts loaded. Need quote separately for translation and translation plus formatting. Please respond with sample translation done and also send references as well as your most attractive rate with timelines for completing the job. Post edit requirement is part of translation cost. Revision and edits to source document should not be charged.


  1. Select the right translation provider

Free- lance translators with in-house Management or outsourcing through translation agency? Which is right to ensure quality, timeliness and costs?


Free-lance translators:


  • Least expensive option
  • Can work well for small projects with limited number of language pair
  • Allows you to have direct contact and brief your needs without middlemen
  • Your in-house staff who knows the language can co-ordinate for clarification
  • The translation memory can be your asset for future jobs


  • Recruiting and Managing translator is not only time consuming by in-house staff, but also require special skill and experience of Industry
  • Translation quality is up to you to judge.
  • Cannot get choice of large number of translators to pick
  • No independent guarantee that the job will be done on time and in budget
  • Free-lancer is only responsible for translation and will not suggest other sources that may be required for optimising the project.
  • Questions to ask and getting positive answers in terms of General and professional qualification, certificates, native language proficiency, domain expertise, project related experience for developing terminology, the timelines, commitment, rates, payment terms are all important and cannot be met at all time for all languages.

Full service translation agency:


  • Experience professional set up
  • Vast in house resources
  • Pool of talented translators on panel
  • Can handle large projects with tight deadlines
  • Multiple language pairs can be done at the same time
  • Review of translation format and quality is done before hand


  • More expensive
  • Cannot give dedicated time and so not sure of meeting deadline
  • May promise but when other priority comes in the way, scheduling can go haywire

Advance preparation of translation project and selection of translation service provider on panel for all your translation needs ensures quality and consistency of communication.

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Marketing Translation


1.    Focus on the proposition (key message)

Read the content and note down the key message the communication is meant to deliver. This is crucial as you would know intended promise to consumer while developing the original copy

2.    Understand the target profile

It is important to know the target audience or the customer for the communication was originally developed. Also understand the market, the maturity level in terms of product experience in that market. Now get a clear brief on the new market, the language for translation and customers’ level of product experience in such target market. For example a fashion product in an advanced country will communicate go beyond the basics and communicate on the aspirational. In the new market for translation, you will note that the market is not matured and therefore translation will tailor the message differently to communicate the need as well as aspirational benefit.

3.    Be Creative.

Think yourself as a creative copywriter and adapt the original rendition in target language. A translator here should be able to appreciate the tone and style as well as the idiomatic use to create the desired impact. This appreciation will enable transforming the same tone and style using such phrases and idioms commonly used in the target language. The final product will bring the essence of original and also create the same or greater impact. For example there was a famous advertising campaign for soft-drink brand Thumsup. The headline in English read “Taste the Thunder”. Marketing translation is actually a trans- creator with the creative touch to bring out the power of original in the target language by coining headline that goes with the proposition which is experience success or achievement.

4.    Add Value

Craftsmanship is key. Be a wordsmith. Catchy lines are in plenty in local language and they are so apt sometimes to drive the point across that you would be happy to use. Give this value addition to client. They will love it.

Plan weeks ahead for any project that require marketing translation and coordinate with the marketing team to find out the launch detail, media and the product.

Successful marketing translation comes out of partnering with the translation company and involving with them on the process that went behind in the creation of original campaign. In Multi media campaign, this process of engaging with translation agency starts at the concept stage itself. This will reduce creative and production cost as very often the situation, models, dubbing, pre-production and final edits of digital and audio visual communication has to be thought with language adaptability well in advance.

Shakti Enterprise has in house talent of experienced brand managers and project manager to take care of multi-media projects as well as marketing translation for global markets.

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Importance Of Translation Service

Translation agency

Shakti Enterprise is a leading certified translation agency.

In today’s digital world with growing population of Internet users browsing the net for eCommerce, eLearning or knowledge about product and service information or latest trends, multilingual communication plays an important part. This is because Internet users speak in different regions with different cultures and languages browse their local language sites instead of English. In fact, more than 70% of world Internet users are Non Native English speakers and they prefer their local language sites.

Translation service is important if you want to speak in customers language and culturally connect with vast majority of population who not understand English. Alternatively if your source document is in a language other than English, you will not be understood by International customers who communicate in English. So how important is translation service?

1.    Internet has broken national boundaries and translation has removed all communication barriers. But translation which is misunderstood due to poor translation can damage your reputation permanently and you will never realize it until after the damage is done. That’s why you need professional translation service who have professional native translators for clearly understanding your original content and communicating in such a way that the final version always says what you mean.

2.    For global companies, translation service is vital for internal communication and exchange of data, negotiation and documentation. Employee communication, Policy guidelines, and other document vial for corporate communication has to uniform and should not get misinterpreted due to wrong or poor translation. Professional translation service will enable accurate translation.

3.    For International audience, you are faced with diplomatic dialogue where mere translation without understanding the actual intention can lead to complete misunderstanding. Professional translation service employ linguists who are experts in conveying the actual meaning in a way that is well understood in target language.

4.    Many unknown glory of culture and tradition are known to the world only due to exchange of knowledge and information due to translation. Professional translation service are engaged to boost tourism. Imagine the world without translation, many countries would not have got exposed to the beauty of different cultures and traditions.

The three important aspects that is critical in Translation service is to

  • Engage professional translators who have degree of expertise in source language, professionally qualified in target language, and clear understanding of subject matter due to domain knowledge.
  • Have project coordinators who can know the purpose of translation, who have industry background and who can effectively communicate to translators
  • Employ Linguists or outsource linguists for editing and proof checking a writer’s translation. This is because translation is human endeavor and mistake can happen. Quality of translation comes in process mechanism which comes by checking at each stage different aspects translation and rectifying the same.

In sum, in today’s digital world and global competition, translation service is not only important but a must for survival. In fact translation should always go beyond words and localize so that the entire communication looks and feels like original in translated form too.

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